Monday, May 23, 2011

Tweet Toffee - Best Toffee I've EVER had!

I got my Tweet Toffee order today and okay, seriously?! How cute is this packaging!? Don't even get me started on how DELICIOUS it is! They are ALL so good, but I seriously LOVE the Bacon Toffee. Bacon you ask?...Trust me, SO GOOD. It's got that salty, chocolatey, nutty, sweet toffee flavor, with the subtle taste of bacon. MMMM....I may have to include Tweet Toffee as a little thank you gift for my clients! I can't wait until they start shipping again after summer time! But hey, if you live near them, (they are in Eatonville, WA) you can just go get some right now! You won't regret it...Thanks Tweet Toffee for giving me my sweet tooth fix!
Their site is down for now, but check them out on Facebook here: Tweet Toffee Facebook Page

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