Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brooke Logue Photography

Questions for you...You Fabulous Photographer, You!
Name: Brooke Logue Gomberg
Business Name: Brooke Logue Photography
Location: Palm Beach County, Florida
  Brooke Logue Gomberg
What gear is in your camera bag?
Right now it's quite simple. A Nikon D700 body and a Nikon D80 body (my backup), Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 and a Nikkor 50mm 1.8.  I am also in the process of upgrading some of my equipment, and purchasing the 1.4 85mm. So exciting! Oh, and of course I have all the other goodies in my bag as well, back up memory cards, charger, gray cards, reflector, etc. 

What is your favorite lens to use and why? 
I find myself often using my fifty, it's just such a great lens and its small and easy to travel with. 

Give us one sentence to describe the style of your photography. 
I consider my style emotional, fairytale like and journalistic, a bit vintage inspired, with a personal artistic touch.
What caused your interest in photography? 
I have always considered myself an artist. About 10 years ago (ahh), I was a student at a magnet high school for visual arts, (where I practiced painting, drawing, sculpture, screen printing, photo, etc) and it was there that I discovered my love for photography. Only back then, I was developing my own images in the darkroom, which is a beautiful art of it's own. Two years ago my daughter was born and she was my inspiration to pick up my DSLR and start shooting again. My love of capturing emotions, expressions, feelings, and family interactions, is beautiful to me, and so irreplaceable.

What is your favorite thing to shoot and why? 
Young faces! And newborns of course! Oh the innocence! The beauty and spontaneity of discovering the world, beginning at day one of life, and progressing through the magic and innocence of childhood, is just so pure to me!
How long did it take before you felt that you established a solid portfolio? 
I am still building my portfolio every single day! As long as I am growing as a photographer and an artist, and continuing to learn everyday, my portfolio will ALWAYS be growing. 

How long did it take you to master your skill and discover your style of photography? 
Oh, I continue to master my skills everyday. I am constantly learning and growing. That is the beauty of art. My style has evolved over time, into what has become my own. Of course I have been inspired by many other amazing photographers, but at the same time, I have always remained true to myself. To me, this has meant, to shoot with expression, to shoot with meaning, to shoot with emotions. Ultimately, to shoot from my heart. 
What inspires you most? 
Oh, wow, so much has inspired me in my art, my business, and in my life! Most importantly, my 2 children and my husband! They are my constant reminder of the love that surrounds our family, and to always enjoy the little things in life, every moment! As a photographer, I am inspired to preserve these every little moments as works of art, photographic memories, instilled in our hearts for a lifetime! Another huge inspiration to me as a business owner, and always will be was my father, who passed away, at too young of an age, this past October, from cancer. He was always a very successful business owner and has always inspired and motivated me from a very young age, to want to be a entrepreneur. Im so glad he got to see me pursue my dream, and I know he's watching down on me, so very proud. I must also mention my amazing mentor (you know who you are), who has inspired me in so many different ways. One of his biggest inspirations to me as an artist, which I think is so important, and so challenging at times, is to take risks, be different, and to shoot from the heart.  
 How long does it typically take you to edit a portrait shoot? Weddings? 
Well, I am slow, and very much a perfectionist. I tend to find myself working on a few images at a time. I am not the type to sit down for hours, (all you middle of the nighter photo editers!), and edit an entire session in one sitting, so I edit over a period of days. Im not really sure how long it can take me, maybe 6-8 hours total for just the edits of 20-30 images. I tell my clients 2-3 weeks, that way I can take my time and make them perfect! 

Do you use studio equipment? If so, what would you say is the most crucial piece in your studio and why?
I do not use studio equipment. The reason for this is because my style demands a quality of light that conveys a very natural, warm look. While I am not opposed to studio lighting, I find that I am better able to achieve the mood and look that I want with natural light. 
 What are you looking most forward to this year...Both professionally, and personally? Professionally, I look forward to challenging myself artistically, and continuing to learn and grow as a photographer and an artist, every single day. Personally, I look forward to making memories with my children, and continuing to preserve those memories in my art and in my mind. I feel I have begun to find a good balance between my children and my business, and keeping this balance creates sanity! 

What keeps you going when you feel like slowing down? 
My children, and seeing them happy! They are just a reminder of what life is all about! 
 What's the one thing about your work that you feel sets you apart from the big sea of photogs? 
Many other photographers may use the same actions as I do, or use the same props, equipment, even compositions and poses. The one thing that sets my images apart, and that other photographers can't take from me personally, is that I shoot from my soul (my photography mentor told me this).  This is what makes my art different than everyone else's, it's mine, it's me, it's shot through my eye, from my soul. So with that said, I found this quote, "Every artist dips his brush into his own soul." :) 

Do you have an idea for a shoot, but have no clue how you are going to make it happen? 
All the time. My husband thinks Im crazy, for some of the things that I have actually "made happen." I believe that you can make ANYTHING happen if you just try! Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of ideas that I have had that just didn't happen at all! I think that this often goes along with photographing children and newborns! Sometimes, it goes their way, and not yours! And sometimes, it's so much better this way ;) Im actually starting to realize, that It's often better this way!
Is there anything more important than your photography? If so, what is it? Absolutely! My husband and my children are my everything! They are who keep me going, who make me smile, and who inspire me in every aspect of my life, not just photography! 

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 
I have no clue! I love it here in Florida, and have been here my entire life! Honestly, I would just like multiple homes all around the world, and that way I can take the benefits from everywhere, and still be close to my family!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
 I still see myself as a mother, a wife, and a professional photographer, however, with 10 years more experience, than I have now. 

What are you most proud of? Both professionally and personally? 
Personally, Im so so proud of my children. They make me proud everyday and they are just truly amazing! Im also proud of the family that my husband and I have created, a family that is in constant surroundings of love. To me, love is so important in a home. Professionally, I am proud of myself for pursuing my dreams, as a photographer and a business owner, and I look forward to the journey it continues to take me on every day. 
Describe in one paragraph what a perfect day for you would look like. 
Sitting in bed on a weekend morning, with my husband, two year old daughter, and 2 month old son, sipping on our coffee, and watching the sun slowly peek through our bedroom window. Oh, and it would only be perfect if my daughter was being her usual, goofy self, and jumping on the bed, singing and laughing. After a slow and lazy morning, we would mosy on to the kitchen where we would cook up some mickey mouse pancakes, and as I always do with my daughter in the kitchen (mostly when it's just the two of us) we would blast music and sing and dance together in the kitchen. Then, after pancakes, we would sunscreen the family up, for an afternoon/evening on the boat, with snacks and juice boxes ;) We would cruise into the evening time, when the sunlight makes it's sweet appearance, and enjoy my favorite time of the day with my favorite people. Not to mention, I would probably be taking pictures, because I usually cannot resist such perfect lighting (oh and my kids ridiculously adorable faces)!
What turns you on the most creatively and what turns you off? 
I am turned on by a desire to blend my creative ideas with the culture and personalities of my subjects. I am turned off by a rigid set of guidelines and poses that I have to shoot from. 

What's the one piece of advice that you feel a person just starting a photography business would benefit from?
I think it is important for an artist to identify themselves as who they are as an artist, and identify their own style and then with all veracity, remain true to themselves.


  1. Love this interview, Brooke...I am inspired by you whenever I see your lovely images grace my FB feed! So glad we found one another in the facebook world!

  2. Great piece! Your pictures are amazing!! I look forward to following your journey as a photographer!

  3. Brooke, reading your interview has been such a pleasure. It is very evident that you take your photography very seriously and have been developing your style and artistic talent for a some time. There is a wonderful maturity in your work and it conveys a glimps into the nature and personality of your subjects.

  4. I was scrolling through my facebook wall today when i saw someone post a link to this blog post.. What caught my eye was Brooke Logue's name. I'm a fellow photographer in Palm Beach County and have been a follower of her/your work for sometime now.. Reading this interview just made me love your work all that much more.. Definitely an inspiring artist who plays a part in me pushing myself constantly to better my photography! One day I hope to hire you for my own family photos.. :)