Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jennifer Ellen Photography - Tea Party

Such a cute session! I love the feminine feel of these images...I can't wait until my baby girl is old enough to want a tea party! Great work Jennifer Ellen Photography

"I had this vision and I was working on making it happen for awhile. I wanted to capture the innocence and care free, fairytale imagination we had as kids. Dressing up with our moms clothes, using their make up, 'playing house', setting up parties with our friends. Just being kids. I wanted people to see this set and hear the girls chattering away, laughing, speaking to each other in 'grown up voices', mimicking their moms and older sisters perhaps. I feel that I captured all of this and more. I loved every second of this shoot.
I couldn't of asked for better clients to pull this off. My vision matched with what this client wanted for a shoot and her attention to detail help pull all the little pieces together as well and I am so proud of this shoot. It is now been asked to be used by other photographers as well as clients."
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  1. How fun to see the flag banner I made for this shoot! Jennifer is one of my FAVORITE photographers!! So creative and artisitc!

  2. you got some top quality photos here. when i want a photo shoot done ill be sure to give you a call.